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  1. Thanks all of you for your help in this matter. As you might now know I prefer the age old actual writing of the HTML codes - the new webdesign terminology I might have to adapt to later on. But just now I keep to this manner of creating and adapting the look of the webpage. Thanks again. Have a great day.
  2. Unfortunately I cant use any other program than the one supplied by the domain provider. Thanks for your suggested nevertheless. Much obliged.
  3. Thanks, much obliged. This is exactly what I need. Now i can get going with this job. have a great day. best Anders
  4. So this is the code, <a href="gallery01.htm#group01" onclick="history.back();return false;">Go back</a> I should put at the line where currently the a href with the page addie is. it looks like this - <a href="www.********/*******/groupphotopage.html"> back </a> So the actual tag for the anchor beneath the smaller photo - should it be <a name= " ">?
  5. The horizontal skip links work perfectly - Top, Bottom and Middle on the page. The return link on the fullsized image page to the main photo page is currently just the addie on that page so when I click on it goes to the top of the main photo page. I thought perhaps that it might be easy to anchor the return link from the fullsized page to a place just beneath the smaller version on the page so no scrolling would be necessary. Like this SMALL PHOTOfullsize >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> FULLSIZE PHOTOback>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> - ending up as near to the smaller version as possible
  6. Hi all! My name is Anders Hansen and Im from Sweden. I begun making up my html pages 10 years ago. At the moment I have my very own domain. I chose to use the age-old method of actually writing the HMTL code in Notepad and then saving it to see how the page looks in the browser. I think its fun to tinker with my site and add things to gradually "flesh" it out with new material and photos. It's gonna be fun to be here and talk about various aspects of the creating and ammending of webpages. Have a great day and greetings from Sweden.
  7. On my homepage I have several main pages with a number of images per page. Currently I have a link underneath each photo that leads to a bigger copy of the photo on another page.The link back leads to the top of the main page. What Im trying to figure out, since I do it the "ancient" way and write the code myself, is how I can anchor the back link on the fullsize photo page to an exact place beneath of the smaller copy of the photo so that anyone looking thru the photos on the main page won't have to scroll down everytime they click on the Back-link. At the moment I have 13 pages with a total of 150 images in one grouped album and 10 pages with a total of 140 images in another grouped album. Would be glad for any help in the matter.
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