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  1. hei.. Pls help regarding this. pls tel what are the steps require for this job. I have 1> WAMP installed2> one gmail account nothing more. now what are the steps require for sending mail from localhost as I didnt upload the application in internet. later on i will upload my application in internet.

  2. for beginners just install WAMP sever for running PHP. its better!!!!!!!!!1
    hi everyone, i am in my 3rd year college and i want to learn the PHP programming language. i have a background on other programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, JAVA and Visual Basic which i study both in school and via online. and when i come to research on PHP i have learned that it is need to be configured on my web server?and so i search for more article and i found this site on how to check if my web server supports PHP. 1st it make me do a simple info.php (containing this code: <?php phpinfo(); ?> ) -- the result is blank. just a white page, no error. nothing.. 2nd is making another .php file containing this code:
    <?php// Start Sessionsession_start();// Show bannerecho '<b>Session Support Checker</b><hr />';// Check if the page has been reloadedif(!isset($_GET['reload']) OR $_GET['reload'] != 'true') {   // Set the message   $_SESSION['MESSAGE'] = 'Session support enabled!<br />';   // Give user link to check   echo '<a href="?reload=true">Click HERE</a> to check for PHP Session Support.<br />';} else {   // Check if the message has been carried on in the reload   if(isset($_SESSION['MESSAGE'])) {	  echo $_SESSION['MESSAGE'];   } else {	  echo 'Sorry, it appears session support is not enabled, or you PHP version is to old. <a href="?reload=false">Click HERE</a> to go back.<br />';   }}?>

    and the result is this asdasd.png (i used FTP client (FileZilla Server) to upload those file. and i open them using my browser.) does this mean that my web server dont support PHP? if not what should i do to make my web server support PHP?

    for beginners WAMP server is the best!!!!!!!!!! try ithttp://www.wampserver.com/en/
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  3. SHOW databases

    The above query is slow on shared MySQL hosts. Is there any way I can use a different method that would be faster in general?

    if you want to show all the databases present in your mysql-server you need the query "show databases", if in your server the no. of database are large then it wil definitely take time to execute the query.if you want show few databases of your choice you can use LIKE clause..e.g. " show databases like '<search key word>%' " i.e. show databases like '<user>%' , the above query will show all the databases starting with user
  4. hi..everyone!!!!!!!!iam trying to submit a form which has approx 10 text fields with ajax. but iam unable to write the code. please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in this regard thanksSuman

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