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  1. In the end the solution for the font problems was: 1 Changing the name of the font to caps and no spaces like this: HONEYSCRIPTLIGHT.TTF2 Make another css file for i.e. and use cursive font adapting sizes and positioning. Thanks Krewe
  2. Thanks Very much Krewe!! That's a typical mistake of mine. Being my native language spanish, I tend to put the accents.That part is solved! Now I have to solve the fonts problem.I used firefox v12 and iE v6 on a different notebook with windows xp and fonts are a mess.Tomorrow I'll try to find a solution. I'd be grateful if you gave me a hint.Thanks very much
  3. Hi, I hope anyone can help me correct my website: Essentially, when I preview in Safary or Firefox from Dreamweaver everything is perfect but after uploading to hostgator I find these errors: 1. Background images not showing.2. STONIN__ (font-face) text is too kinda bold when it should be regular.3. HoneyScript-Light (font-face) text is too big. My site is www.mensajeriadelcampo.com.ar (which is an add-on domain: public_html/mensajeriadelcampo/index.html) (please tell me if I need to give you more info)I atached a pdf from the illustrator to show how it should be mostly (although there might
  4. Hi, Everyone. I'm Bagarjet and I'm a graphic designer and a musician. I recently learned html and css and I already finished 3 projects for clients. I hope I can share with you all my achievements. In the future I hope I have my own website about design and another as a musician (only first I have to find time to filmmyself playing).bye
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