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  1. wow thank you sir.. that's just the kind of answer i was looking for.. thank you very much!
  2. -- sir correct me if I'm wrong so the constructor is executed when an object is created using the class with the __construct inside. So what is the most common thing we want the constructor do when we create an object? a simple example will help me better understand this constructor. -- sir so in the book im reading there should only be 1 constructor per class, but in the manual we can have multiple constructor.. why would we want many constructor in our class?and thank you both for your answers earlier.. I really appreciate your time
  3. Hi everyone, I just started learning php and I am now on the OOP part. (bought a book for dummies and it's 7 in 1 web programming, it did not discuss much further about constructor though and can't find it in w3schools ) what I don't understand is the function of __construct. Is it required that every time I'm gonna create a class there should be a constructor. I mean I know it's not required literally. I've been creating simple class without constructor and it's perfectly running. But I remember reading it somewhere that it's a good practice to have constructor in your class. Is that legit? If it is why? what is this constructor for??
  4. Hi, I'm just new to web programming and and I want to learn which code is which. what command is used to edit my web content without saving it in the database? I've been experimenting on facebook and tried to edit my "about me" page and when i view it on page source, i noticed that it is not saved on database. so for example i have a simple page containing this: <body> <div> Content edit me</div> </body> how can i edit the content of this div? will this need a bit of php or just a plain html5 can do this thing??
  5. sir i have one question. when using WAMP server, every time i create PHP file it should be located on www folder created by WAMP upon install? because when i try to copy my PHP file into my FTP server folder i cant view them.
  6. thank you very much.
  7. hi everyone, i am in my 3rd year college and i want to learn the PHP programming language. i have a background on other programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, JAVA and Visual Basic which i study both in school and via online. and when i come to research on PHP i have learned that it is need to be configured on my web server?and so i search for more article and i found this site on how to check if my web server supports PHP. 1st it make me do a simple info.php (containing this code: <?php phpinfo(); ?> ) -- the result is blank. just a white page, no error. nothing.. 2nd is making another .php file containing this code: <?php// Start Sessionsession_start();// Show bannerecho '<b>Session Support Checker</b><hr />';// Check if the page has been reloadedif(!isset($_GET['reload']) OR $_GET['reload'] != 'true') { // Set the message $_SESSION['MESSAGE'] = 'Session support enabled!<br />'; // Give user link to check echo '<a href="?reload=true">Click HERE</a> to check for PHP Session Support.<br />';} else { // Check if the message has been carried on in the reload if(isset($_SESSION['MESSAGE'])) { echo $_SESSION['MESSAGE']; } else { echo 'Sorry, it appears session support is not enabled, or you PHP version is to old. <a href="?reload=false">Click HERE</a> to go back.<br />'; }}?> and the result is this (i used FTP client (FileZilla Server) to upload those file. and i open them using my browser.) does this mean that my web server dont support PHP? if not what should i do to make my web server support PHP?
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