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  1. haruncpi

    Password update

    user can recover his password by email. so i wanna just now how to change password in users active sessions time.with the condition which i had described in my post. please help me how will it be.
  2. haruncpi

    Password update

    I have a login script in my site. After login in a user i wanna a user can change his password. So i added two input box and a submit button. newpassconfirmpass condition: if($newpass=$confirmpass){ what will be sql code for update his password. } Please any body help me. I am no expert in php and sql.
  3. Would you give me an example please?
  4. Tnx for quick response. Actually i wanna if the if condition false it will give a alert box in same page i mean login.php page.
  5. haruncpi

    login script help

    I have a login function in my site.I have used if($count==1){$row = mysql_fetch_array($result); print ("login success");}else{print ("wrong!");} I wanna if the If condition true it will give a success msg and redirect the previous page. Else it will show a login wrong message with javascript alert box with ok button. How can i do it? please help me anybody.......
  6. <?phpsession_start();if(isset($_SESSION['a']))echo $row['name'];elseheader("location:b.php"); ?> it nothing happend
  7. I have a login function in my site http://www.learn24bd.com. In my database every register member has their data, Like name,e-mail,etc. At the time of login user needs to put his/her email and password.I wanna if a user login successfully, a message will display on login success page Welcome (The name which has saved in my database in name field) Example: Welcome MD.Harun-Ur-Rashid Please any body help me.
  8. What is the html code to make horizontal boxes i need to make some boxes go from left to right but all i can find is on top of each other, you can see example here <a href="http://www.carinsurancequotesinformation.com">car insurance quotes</a> where the boxes are next to each other, and will this affect the page width on my site.Someone told me use DIV tags but how do i put this in HTML code?.
  9. I wanna create like this link which fatch the screen shot of the link. How to will i do this.Sample: For better understanding i have include a link of example http://coolbd.webs.com/apps/links/ Please help me
  10. In my site i have a java script slideshow. I noticed that the side show doesn't work when i brows by http://www.learn24bd.combut when i brows the site http://learn24bd.com it works. (on mozilla) What is the problem? how can i solve this?
  11. What i have to do in the if true part for redirecting a user that place where he/she wanted to visit before login? if($count==1){// store session data$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);//echo $row['name'];$_SESSION['harun']= $row['email'] ;//print $row['name'] . "Thanks, Redirecting";header( "location:member_login_success.php");}else {//echo "Wrong Username or Password";//print "Wrong Username or Password";header("location:member_login_wrong.php");
  12. Will i write like this?if login successfully header("location:$_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']");
  13. in the site there are a lot of pages. so i can not fixed url because i don't know user which page wanted to visit.? at a time indivitual user might be visit indivitual page. so i have use a function which redirect user
  14. in my site i made a login system. i create session for special pages. that pages can see only registered member. in my login system when a user login succesfully it shows a succeslog.php page else wrnglog.php page. but after login succesfully user don't get that page which page he/she wanted to see before login. my question is after login successfully how to i will redirect a user on that page which page he/she wanted to visit before login? would any body help me please?
  15. I have a page a create a command box. I wanna when a visitor click on this command box it will redirect the last 2 page i mean (-2) page. Please any body help me to do this task.
  16. I have a page.In my page create a command box. I wanna when a visitor click on this command box it will redirect the last 2 page i mean (-2) page. Please any body help me to do this task.
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