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  1. Thank you Birbal for your answeri am going to use xml with dtd and xslt to format and transform it to xslt-fo
  2. i guess they want me to extract a sample data form this home page as xml
  3. I just rephrase my question please help
  4. I will rephrase my questionWe are going to create a TV Guide XML LanguageSteps to complete are : Data to analyze: http://www.tvguide.com/Listings/ define the elements that would be needed to create these elementsPlace the data in a table The features that we want to work:Change Location/Provider Date/Time Search Listings Tabs Legend Table Display of Shows Shows Details Filter for HD [*]The information table should look like this: Element Contains Restrictions Your XML Language should consist of:
  5. help me create an XML Sample Data TV Guide XML Languagei have the page and i am having problem on how to start ithttp://www.tvguide.com/Listings/You can omit the advertising elements
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