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  1. Okay, Thank you for the reply. Now I' m learning about AJAX and I will try when I will finish reading the tutorials. you have reason, sorry
  2. Okay....So, a little example please?
  3. Hi guys,I want to create a vb.net application with a login.I want that the login verify the username and password with a table witch contains all usernames and passwords of all members and if the login found a correspondence with the table, I want that the login connect the user at the application.In the next form, I want that the application show some 'informations' like Name, E-mail, ... for the user that is logged in.I have try a lot of code, but none was working correctly.What can I do for make this 'simple' application? Best regards,Francesco
  4. Thank you for your reply.I have written the FirefoxError code because if I try to use it on Firefox (I have also tried on other PCs), the rich text box became unclicable.Good, TinyMCE works fine and it is very cool... Now can you explain how I must do to make the 'Save' button as I have written in my previous post?I' am not very good with HTML and PHP because is the first time that I try to make something in PHP.
  5. Hi guys,I'm trying to integrate an online rich text editor in my web site.I have found an HTML code that create an awesome rich text editor and I want to keep using it for my site, but in the tutorial, the author don't have write the code to allow the user to save the file (with the bold, underline ecc propriets) on their PC.Now, the rich text editor is in a private area, with you can access with a login written in PHP ad MySQL and I want that the file will not be saved in their PC but I want that the file will be saved in a directory (in my server) witch only the owner of the file can access
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