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  1. Okay, this is fun, I turned to use phpmailer and things work. I compare the header between the 2 e-mails generated from mime_mail and phpmailer, there is nothing much difference.I suppose the problem lies with the parameter being set, will study this issue further when I have some free time.
  2. I am thinking this could be the problem as well but I have no rights to touch on the configuration of the MTA, my IT dept colleague insists its my code problem.Their reason is simple, we can have multiple cc recipients when we use ms outlook to send the e-mail, and I do not know how to reply this.Do you have any idea what could be the possible configuration on MTA that caused this problem? Or maybe, I can add some headers to the e-mail to make the MTA "thinks" that I am sending e-mail from ms outlook or something similar?
  3. I try removing the last comma but the problem remains..Anyway, thanks for pointing that out. =) Have anybody success in using mime mail to send to more than 2 CC recipients before?
  4. I am having this problem using mime mail to send e-mail with multiple cc recipients. To be exact, if I have more than 2 e-mail address in the cc list, starting from 3rd recipient onward, none of them in the cc list is able to receive the e-mail. To put it in another word, only first 2 recipients in the cc list is able to receive the e-mail.. I have no idea what happened at all, hope somebody can give me some direction. <?php require_once 'mail.php'; require_once 'mime/mime.php'; $mailTo = array( 'x@abc.com', ); $mailCc = array( 'a@abc.com', 'b@abc.com', // receipient s
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