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  1. Hi justsomeguy, thanks at first for your answer. This whole DOM extension discussion seems quite complicated to me and ok, I won't extend the DOM.However, I wonder, if your suggestion to create a custom object is an "allowed" extension of the DOM. If I follow your suggestion to cerate a custom element, I would need to combine this new DOM element with the "new" operator. Is there a way to do this? var customObject = new customObjectConstructor();var customElement = document.createElement('custom')//tell the DOM, that customElement is the customObject[\code] As the customObject is very huge,
  2. Hi, I intend to add a custom javascript object to the DOM of a HTML page to be able to access this object via its id (document.getElementById). Adding Nodes like Div..., that are known by DOM, works but where and how can I add the custom JScript Object. This is my testcode <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <script type="text/javascript"> function initJScript(){ var customObject = new customObjectConstructor(); var testDiv = document.createElement('div'); alert(testDiv); alert(customObject);
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