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  1. Thanks for the reply. I talked to the CSG.js creator. He believed that change the command "vista = new Viewer(final, 500, 500, 10)" for "vista.mesh = final.toMesh" and "vista.onDraw()".Because I was creating a lot of viewers... I will try it later and put here the conclusions. Also I will try that you say. A lot of thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I cannot hang the web, because It's a offline application. I put the webpage in a zip (I passed the antiviruses). Proba6.html is the webpage, and It needs the libraries: csg.js, lightgl.js and viewer.js. The file INFO.txt, is a text file that contains the tool coordinates and workpiece dimensions. It needs to be in C: directory. For see the piece, It only works with chrome with the extention "--allow-file-access-from-files" for read the text file, like the direct acces that I put in the zip. A lot of thanks... I am very desperate because is the last thing that I need for
  3. Hi, I am designing a web application, and I have troubles when I update a view in aproximatetly the 50th time. I put the 3D object in the view using: new_view =new Viewer( 3D_Object, 250, 250, 5); document.getElementById(0).appendChild(new_view.gl.canvas); And when I want to update the view, because I manipulate this 3D object, I use: old_view = new_view;new_view =new Viewer( 3D_Object, 250, 250, 5); document.getElementById(0).removeChild(old_view.gl.canvas);document.getElementById(0).appendChild(new_view.gl.canvas); The updates work well in the firts 49 times aproximatetly, but in t
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