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  1. dsonesuk: You are right. When I run it in the browser (Chrome 21.0.1180.89) it does work. It was failing in VS2010 "design view". I suppose the moral is: Always test in the browser. Thks for your help!
  2. dsonesuk: No.I want the text aligned in the middle of the left and right boundaries of the five columns spanned by the <td> tag. Here is the exact code that I have (this is the code that does not work). Text alignment attribute bolded for emphasis: <tr><td class="style2" colspan="5" nowrap="nowrap" style="color:red;text-align:center" >value for current day</td></tr> Replacing the alignment attribute with "vertical-align:middle" does not work.
  3. I have a table. Assume that it has five columns. I have specified one row as having a colspan of 5 columns. I want to center text in that column. The text-align:center attribute of the <td> tag centers the text, but relative to the first column, not the full colspan. Anyone know how to do this? Many thanks.
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