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Extracting Data From LDAP


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How do I extract just a part of a string of text from a field in an LDAP directory?My XSLT grabs all the fields I need successfully, except for fields that have a fullpath.Example:I have a supervisor field that has the following data in it:CN=dmorgan,OU=Users,OU=Chicago,DC=ad,DC=thecompany,DC=orgAll I want to return is dmorganIn another select statement, all I want to return is Chicago.I know I need to modify the 'value-of' statement below, but I don't know the syntax.<xsl:element name="Field"> <xsl:attribute name="Name"><xsl:text>Supervisor</xsl:text></xsl:attribute> <xsl:value-of select="manager"/> </xsl:element>Thanks

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