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Silly problem: can't add to a string of text (in Mozilla)

V for Vincent

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Hey there,I've nearly finished my first dynamic website, but there's a small, seemingly stupid problem I can't seem to fix. The site is structured using divs with absolute positioning, but one of these has a variable height. So, in order not to mess up my lay-out (there's a logo underneath the div with variable height), I need to dynamically reposition another div. Here's my code:browser = navigator.appNameif (browser == "Microsoft Internet Explorer"){nieuwsHeight = nieuwscontainer.offsetHeight;}else {docObj = document.getElementById("nieuwscontainer");nieuwsHeight = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(docObj, "").getPropertyValue("height");}samalandertop = nieuwsHeight+140document.getElementById("extradiv2").style.top=samalandertopdocument.write(samalandertop)Note that nieuwscontainer is the one with variable height and extradiv2 is the one that needs repositioning. Never mind the funky names. I added the final document.write to track down the problem, and it seems that height is considered a text string in FireFox. Can it be treated as a numerical variable?

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