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How to format and display search results?..


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I need some tips for how to display search results.Querying the database is not the issue I just have no idea how to display the results.I want to display the results in a table, 3 columns of 4 rows, so 12 results per page. I don't know how to do this. Would I make some sort of nested loop?Also, if I have more than 12 results I want to spread them over multiple pages. This I also have no clue how to do.I welcome any and all suggestions.Thanks guys!

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Hi!To keep the result to 12 you need to use LIMIT in your SQL MySQL Manual - Select (search for limit...) (There's alot of page-scripts outhere..)Ex:

$start = (intval($_GET['page']) - 1) * 12$query = "SELECT * FROM tbl LIMIT $start,12";

Here's a short and real example of pagination:

$post_count = ??; //Get the total count in the tablefor( $p = 0; $p < ($post_count / 12); $p++) {	 if ($p == $_GET['page']) {		  $tag1 = '<span class="bold">';		  $tag2 = '</span>';	 } else {		  $tag1 = '<a href="?page='.$p.'">';		  $tag2 = '</a>';	 }	 echo $tag1 . $p . $tag2;}

To output 3 times 4 "cells" you could use something like this:

// Start at zero$count = 0;// Go thru the rowswhile( $row = mysql_fetch_assoc( $res )) {	// If it's a new row, add tr	if ($count == 0)		echo "<tr>\n";	echo "<td>";	....	echo "</td>\n";	// Count cells...	$count++;	// It was the last cell on this row	if ($count == 3) {		 // end tr		 echo "</tr>";		 // Reset count		 $count = 0;	}}// If there was less than 12 (or three on a row)if ($count > 0) [	// Add a spanning "dummy cell"	echo '<td colspan="'.(3-$count).'"> </td>';	echo "</tr>\n";}

Hope that helpedGood Luck and Don't Panic!

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