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Preloading Content in Rich Text Editor


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First of all, I figure it would be useful to know which Rich Text Editor I'm using. That would be the Dynamic Drive Rich Text Editor. I'm sure it's basically just like every other rich text editor out there... But if that's the case, then just using a different editor wouldn't change my predicament at all.First of all, I'm having an issue with preloading content in there. I did happen to realize that most of this relies on JavaScript, and maybe that's why it's not particularly enjoying my use of PHP in the midst of it? But in the section where it asks for the HTML that will be the original content of the textarea, I tried using "<?php echo($rtecontent) ?>" ((I defined $rtecontent = 'Testing textarea'; earlier)), but it didn't so much work for me.Also, I'm having trouble actually making the editor appear on the page in proper format. Granted, I move some of the files around ((like the CSS to another directory, same with JavaScript...)) but I could swear I was compensating for that and changing the paths in the JavaScript files and my web pages. I suppose I was wrong.I guess right now, my only question is on the preloading content. If it comes down to it, I'll just put the files where it tells me to and stop being stubborn with my organizational needs.---EDIT---As soon as I posted it, I retried it and it worked. I'm sure I just made some stupid error last time...

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