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WordPress and Domain Help Required


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OK, bear with me since I'm not the most proficient when it comes to programming and such.I have a website called www.think-theory.com, but due to recent discussions amongst members on the forums, we've decided to create a new site, called www.savingprogress.com. I bought the new domain and it is used under the same web hosting account as think-theory.com. savingprogress.com is currently an addon domain, which is what I want, but I'm having some problems.We need time to get savingprogress.com ready, so we're leaving think-theory.com up for now while we get ready for the new site. The plan is to have it so when someone goes to www.savingprogress.com, it just has a splash saying that the site is coming soon. Meanwhile, we'll be working on all the content elsewhere. This is a secret, so I'll just say it's www.savingprogress.com/secret. When we're ready to launch, we would just move the stuff from secret to the main domain.We're using WordPress, if that helps any.Anyway, for some reason, when I type in savingprogress.com, it redirects to www.savingprogress.com/comingsoon. Now, I was experimenting with redirecting there earlier, but I undid (or thought so) it right after. If I type in www.savingprogress.com, it takes me to the index of/ page. What I want to do is have it so the redirecting doesn't happen anymore. Then I want to put up a splash on both www.savingprogress.com and savingprogress.com saying that it's coming soon.What I'd really like to do is have it so I can install WordPress on savingprogress.com. However, for some reason, when I go to do this, it says this:Install WordPress (2/3)The installation can not be completed:- You cannot install more than one script in the root directory of a domain.Click on the browser's Back button to fix reported errors.I'm using cPanel X if that helps.I do already have WordPress installed on think-theory.com, so would that cause the problem?Anyway, I'd like to install WordPress on savingprogress.com and then have the splash cover it until launch. Then have it so only registered members on the WordPress installation can see under the splash, so we can get it ready.I know, this seems very unorganized, but I'm just so confused about what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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