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Looking for a XML Parser in PHP

Guest braindead

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Guest braindead

Hello,I'm looking for a goos XML parser in PHP. I have to parse an XML and i didn't find any good solution to di it.My XML is :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes" ?> <products><product>  <id>331058</id>   <name>Canon</name>   <description>dsfgdsfgd</description>   <category>Photo cvb</category>   <image-url width="250" height="198">hjghjgj</image-url>   <prices-url>ghfghf</prices-url>   <details-url>dfgdfgdgd</details-url>   <reviews-url>dfgdfgdfg</reviews-url> - <rating type="professional">  <average>4,5</average>   <num-ratings>5</num-ratings>   </rating>  <lowest-price currency="EUR">716.50</lowest-price> - <retailer>  <name>wxcwx</name>   <info-url>wxcxwc</info-url>   <link>wwvxc</link>   <logo height="50" width="150">wcwxcw</logo>   <stock-info>wxcwxc</stock-info>   <price currency="EUR">wxcw</price>   <source-type>wxcwxc</source-type>   <source-date>wcxcw</source-date>   <price-with-shipping-min currency="EUR">wcwxc</price-with-shipping-min>   <price-with-shipping-max currency="EUR">wxcwc</price-with-shipping-max>   </retailer>  </product>  </products>

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