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Scrolling buttons for text....problem


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Please can somebody help me, I've got some buttons that I use to scroll through a block of text 18 lines at a time. They work perfectly, but I want to change them so that they scroll continuously until somebody releases the mouse. At the moment they are set to:

on (press) {	this.scrollPrivacy_txt.scroll = this.scrollPrivacy_txt.scroll-18;}

I tried changing it to:

on (press) {	this.scrollPrivacy_txt.scroll = this.scrollPrivacy_txt.scroll--;}

but then it didn't work at all.If it's easiler I don't mind changing it to RollOver and adding a RollOut although I tried adding:

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {	if (scrollUp) {		if (_root.scrollPrivacy_txt.scroll < _root.scrollPrivacy_txt.maxscroll) {			_root.scrollPrivacy_txt.scroll++;		}	}	if (scrollDown) {		if (_root.scrollPrivacy_txt.scroll >1) {			_root.scrollPrivacy_txt.scroll--;		}	}}

to the movieclip containing the buttons and then:

on (rollOver) {	scrollDown = true;}on (rollOut) {	scrollDown = false;}


on (rollOver) {	scrollUp = true;}on (rollOut) {	scrollUp = false;}

to the buttons, but again this didn't work. :) :) Thanks in advance for any help.

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