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I'm good with javascript, yes. There's just one thing that never made much of any sense to me in Javascript(or any other language for that matter), and thats calendars. But a recent project I've started to work on(i had hoped it to be a Google Calendar AIR client, but apparently Google Calendar's API HATES AIR so im starting from scratch) requires me to make a calendar. Now this is all well and good, except for the fact that it completely escapes me as to how to do this. I can understand and use Javascript's date object. It's just a matter of presenting the data in a table that messes me up. So far I have this(keep in mind, I'm using MooTools)

var Calendar = new Class({	options:{		showFull:true,		lang:'en',		forceTranslation:false,		onClick:Class.empty(),		calendarId:Class.empty()	},	//Options to be set;	lang:{		en:{			month:{				abbr:['Jan','Feb','Mar','Apr','May','Jun','Jul','Aug','Sep','Oct','Nov','Dec'],				full:['January','Febuary','March','April','May','June','July','August','September','October','November','December']			},			day:{				abbr:['Su','M','T','W','Th','F','Sa'],				full:['Sunday','Monday','Tuesday','Wednesday','Thursday','Friday','Saturday']			}		},//End English Translations		es:{			month:{				abbr:['En','Feb','Mar','Abr','May','Jun','Jul','Aug','Oct','Nov','Dec'],				full:['Enero','Febrero','Marzo','Abril','Mayo','Junio','Julio','Augusto','Octubre','Noviembre','Deciembre']			},			day:{				abbr:['D','L','Ma','Mi','J','V','S'],				full:['Domingo','Lunes','Martes','Miercoles','Jueves','Viernes','Sabado']			}		}//End Spanish Translations	},		initialize:function(options){		var language = ($defined(options.forceTranslation) && $type(options.forceTranslation)=='string') ? options.forceTranslation : navigator.language;		//If forced translation is defined and a string, override the user's browser language; otherwise return the navigator language;				if($defined(this.lang[language])){			//If the language translation is present, set the language option to it			this.options.lang=language;		}else{			//Otherwise return error message;			alert("Your browser's language isn't supported");			return false;		}//End language set;				this.setOptions(options);		this.today = new Date();		//today's date object		this.div = ($defined(this.options.calendarId)) ? $(this.options.calendarId) : new Element('div',{'id':'calendar_'+this.today.getFullYear+this.today.getDate()});		//Voila! he is clean;						var table = new Element('table');		var row = new Element('tr');		var header = new Element('tr');		//Creates a new table and a new row Element;		var days = (this.options.showFull) ? this.lang[language].day.full : this.lang[language].day.abbr;		//Gets the dayset we're gonna use		var months =(this.options.showFull) ? this.lang[language].month.full : this.lang[language].month.abbr;		var thisMonth = months[this.today.getMonth()];		header.setHTML("<th colspan=\"7\">",thisMonth,"</th>");		header.injectInside(table);		days.each(function(day,i){			var Elm = new Element('td');			Elm.setHTML("<strong>",day,"</strong>");			Elm.injectInside(row);		});		//We have created a new table element;		var firstDay = new Date();		firstDay.setDate(1);		var dayOfWeek = firstDay.getDay();		var WeekString = ""		for(var x=0;x<dayOfWeek;x++){			WeekString+="<td> </td>\n";		}//Pads the Table to make sure that everything is allright;		row.injectInside(table);		table.injectInside($E('body'));					},			setOptions:function(ops){		for(x in ops){			//Loop through options						if($type(x)!='function'){				this.options[x] = ops[x];			}else{				if(x.match(/^on/)){					this.options[x] = ops[x];				}			}					}//End For Loop	}});

Any help or suggestions on where to go from there would be greatly helpful. And if you wanna help with the project, i wouldn't complain either :)

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