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I have this little buy form for a t shirt selling site, but since some models are available in other sizes then others I wanted when the user selected some model on a <select> form the options on the size <select> would change accordingly.heres the code

<div id="form">Modelo <select name="model"><option value="none"></option><option value="Larc">L'arc~en~Ciel</option><option value="Gazette">Gazette</option></select><br />Tamanho <select name="size"><option value="none"></option><option value="P">P</option><option value="M">M</option><option value="G">G</option><option value="BabylookP">Baby Look P</option><option value="BabylookM">Baby Look M</option><option value="BabylookG">Baby Look G</option></select></div>

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