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Confuse over RDF/XML and OWL

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Actually what is the differences between the RDF and OWL?
RDF descibes data in the form of "resource" (eg. Horse), "property" (eg. Kind) and "property value" (eg. Mammal). What OWL descibes are relations between that data and other data (eg. A Mammal is an Animal).... I think, but I'm not sure as I don't have any expirence in OWL myself. And I'm not sure how it differs from RDFs either.
Can I build a Semantic Web application with only RDF/XML??
No. You also need something that will process that data at least in the boundaries of your application. If your application is truly RDF aware, it should work with other sources as well.Note that XML is not the only way to note RDF documents. RDF is really a set of principals for describing data in "triplets", not about defining them in XML.
Or require the OWL to process the information within the RDF/XML??
OWL is not for "processing the information within the RDF/XML". It's more closely related to RDF as Schema is to XML. It describes what a certain thing is, thus allowing an application to find other RDFs related to it. A sort of "logical" description if you will. For example, if an RDF says all "human"s are "mammal"s and that all "mammal"s are "animals", then "human"s are "animal"s. Knowing that, an application can retrieve additional information applicable to not only "human"s but also to "mammel"s and "animal"s if needed.Read the Semantic Web FAQ.
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