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how to add onclick on treenode?


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On this treenode code

		Dim rootnode1 As TreeNode = New TreeNode		rootnode1 .Text = "Menu 1"		rootnode1 .NavigateUrl = "menu1.aspx"		TreeView.Nodes.Add(rootnode1 )				Dim rootnode2 As TreeNode = New TreeNode		rootnode2 .Text = "Menu 2"		rootnode2 .NavigateUrl = "menu2.aspx"		TreeView.Nodes.Add(rootnode2 )

When the user click on the link, I want a alert message to appear. And they will have the choice to click yes or no. If yes, proceed. If no, don't do anything.Is it possible to add a javascript "onclick" on treenode?If yes how?Thx

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