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Guest Petazaan

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Guest Petazaan

Hi!Im working with an asp page (not written by me) for a company i sweden wich has a list of redistributors stored in an access database. My question is. When somebody searches for a distributor with a specific postal code. How do i write the code so that i displays the other distributors with similar postalcodes after the main results?This is my codeelseif request("update2")<>"" then search="SELECT tbRetailers.* FROM tbRetailers " search = search + "WHERE ((((tbRetailers.namn) Like '%"&Request("searchname")&"%') AND ((tbRetailers.ok)=true)) OR (((tbRetailers.ort) Like '%"&request("searchname")&"%') AND ((tbRetailers.ok)=true)) OR (((tbRetailers.postnr) Like '"&request("searchname")&"%') AND ((tbRetailers.ok)=true))) " search = search + "ORDER BY tbRetailers.postnr;" Set rsRetailers = cnn1.EXECUTE(search)end ifany suggestions would be nice :)

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