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IE Form Elements' Fonts

Guest ngreimel

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Guest ngreimel

I'm sorry if this has been posted before, I did try searching and couldn't quite find what I was looking for.When resizing text within Firefox (View -> Text-Size -> Increase/Decrease), form elements such as Select, Textarea, and Input [text] are resized as well.As far as I can tell, the default in Internet Explorer 6 & 7 is for form elements not to resize with the rest of the text. Since I would like everything to be roughly the same size I have this bit of code in my IE-Only.css:

input, select, textarea { font-size: 0.8em; }

Now every element's text resizes, but it isn't resizing at the same rate (the select box has much larger text at the Largest text size and much smaller text at the Smallest text size). Also, in IE 7 the select box does not resize to fit the much larger text (so that it's cropping my options).Anybody have any clever ideas? No Javascript please.

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