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DIV tag - bottom alignment


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Is there way to have the text marked "Is there a way I can have this text aligned to the bottom?" aligned to the bottom?

<html><head><title>HTML Div Tag</title></head><body><div style="width:100%">  <div style="background-color:pink;">  <h1>My Sample Page</h1>  </div>  <div style="background-color:pink;                 height:200px;width:310px;float:left;">      Left Side      <div style="background-color:pink;float:left; textalign:bottom;">	    <center>	        Is there a way I can have this text aligned to the bottom?	    </center>  	  </div>  </div>  <div style="background-color:pink;                 height:200px;width:310px;float:right;">	Right Side  </div>  <div style="background-color:pink;                   height:200px;width:310px;float:center;">  	Middle ...More Stuff  </div>  <div style="background-color:yellow;clear:both">  <center>      Footer  </center>  </div></div></body></html></body></html>

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