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This code is supposed to get credit card month and year (03/07) but everytime people submit the CC info it is different when I retrieve the info.What is submitted in the form is 08/09 | What is received is 8/9/2006Basically I get the current year as the expiration date for every CC year submitted.I have this code but I don't know what to change about it. This code is at the beginning of the ASP page:if trim(ccexpire)="" or InStr(ccexpire,"/") <> 5 or len(ccexpire)<> 8 then msg=msg & "<br>The expiration date is incorrect."ccexpire =""Towards the middle of the ASP page there is this code:<input size=5 name="ccexpire" maxlength=5 value = "<%=ccexpire%>"></td>Anyone know what changes I can make so that the CC info appears as month and year (i.e. 05/09)?Any suggestions, comments and help are welcome...Thanks in advance! :)

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