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More specific sorting question

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What I have to start with is a list of IDs and Strings, we'll say name for example. The IDs are unique to the name, and not in any particular orderex.ID Name--------------123 Bob3902 George392 Paul99833 AlexWhat I need to do is sort the list by Name, and then generate a list of IDs from this sorted list.In the example above, the final list I need would be : 99833, 123, 3902, 392Also, the final list needs to be indexed numerically so I can loop through it, so something like an array where array[0] = 99833, array[1] = 123, etc.It doesn't have to be a basic array, you can use any type of list, as long as it's loopable. So even something like an ArrayList would work. (int)arrayList.get(Integer.toString(0)) should be 99833, etc.Any ideas?

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Well nevermind, I got it figured out.In case you're wondering I used a Hashtable to store the original ID/Name combo. I actually used the Name as the key and the ID as the value. Then I created a Vector of the keySet from the Hashtable using the .keySet() method, which I sorted using Collections.sort(). Then I created an Interator from the vector, and used that to loop through the original hashtable, using the values of my sorted vector as keys for the hashtable.

<%@ page import="java.util.*" %><%String[] array1 = {"Bob","Alex","Chris","Dale","Elizabeth"};String[] array2 = {"243","3342","38294","8429","482929399"};	Hashtable h = new Hashtable();		for(int x=0;x<array1.length;x++){		h.put(array1[x].toLowerCase(), array2[x]);	}	// unsorted keys output	out.println("Unsorted <br><br>");	Iterator it = h.keySet().iterator();	while (it.hasNext()) {	   String element =  (String)it.next();	   out.println(element + " " + (String)h.get(element) + "<br>");	}	out.println("<br>Sorted by name <br><br>");	// sorted keys output  thanks to T. GUIRADO for the tip!	Vector v = new Vector(h.keySet());	Collections.sort(v);	it = v.iterator();	while (it.hasNext()) {	   String element =  (String)it.next();	   out.println( element + " " + (String)h.get(element) + "<br>");	}		out.println("<br>ID sorted by name<br><br>");		Iterator test = v.iterator();	while(test.hasNext()){		String element = (String)test.next();		out.println((String)h.get(element) + "<br>");	}%>

Unsortedelizabeth 482929399bob 243alex 3342chris 38294dale 8429Sorted by namealex 3342bob 243chris 38294dale 8429elizabeth 482929399ID sorted by name3342243382948429482929399

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