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Guest John Kellum MD

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Guest John Kellum MD

I'm currently doing a medical research project.. using PHP with a large amount of JavaScript..I have a patient registration form were one of the entries is surgery yes or no, if the answer is yes then I want to know the site of the surgery.ie. Heart surgery, Transplant surgery, Hepatic surgery, Trauma surgery it would be best if these fields did not show if the answer to surgery was no. I would like to at least prevent entry of "site of surgery" if there is no surgery..

      <tr>        <th><div align="right">  Surgery Status at Admission:*   </div></th>        <td>         <input type="radio" name="SurgeryAdmit" id="SurgeryAdmit3" value="SS" />           Scheduled Surgery            <input type="radio" name="SurgeryAdmit" id="SurgeryAdmit2" value="ES" /> Emergency Surgery             <input name="SurgeryAdmit" type="radio" id="SurgeryAdmit" value="NS" checked />        No Surgery</td>      </tr>            <tr>        <th colspan="2"><h2 align="center">Anatomical Site of Surgery :</h2>      </th>      </tr>            <tr>        <th class="WADADataTableHeader">Transplantation surgery:</th>        <td class="WADADataTableCell"><input type="checkbox" name="Transplantation_surgery" id="Transplantation_surgery" value="1" /></td>      </tr>      <tr>        <th class="WADADataTableHeader">Cardiac surgery:</th>        <td class="WADADataTableCell"><input type="checkbox" name="Cardiac_surgery" id="Cardiac_surgery" value="1" /></td>      </tr>      <tr>        <th class="WADADataTableHeader">Trauma:</th>        <td class="WADADataTableCell"><input type="checkbox" name="Trauma" id="Trauma" value="1" /></td>      </tr>      <tr>        <th class="WADADataTableHeader">Neurosurgery:</th>        <td class="WADADataTableCell"><input type="checkbox" name="Neurosurgery" id="Neurosurgery" value="1" /></td>      </tr>      <tr>        <th class="WADADataTableHeader">Surgery Other:</th>        <td class="WADADataTableCell"><input type="checkbox" name="Surgery_Other" id="Surgery_Other" value="1" /></td>      </tr>

If there is anybody out there that has the foggiest idea what I'm talking about and is willing to give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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