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Multi File tranfer to and from Axis WebServices

Guest Prabhjot Singh Lamba

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Guest Prabhjot Singh Lamba

Hi.. I have a basic query in Axis Webservices and could't find a correct solution on line... Hope i find some solutions here...1. Senario : I want to create a webservice in Axis as a POC which accepts an array of files ( all of them are Excel files ) as input and using Jakartha POI parses them and returns an integer with the number of files passed to it. 2. I have created this webservice with the following web function public int process(javax.activation.DataHandler[] in0) throws java.rmi.RemoteException;3. A java client is successfully able to consume this webservice. <b>Problem :</b> How will a .Net client consume this, since the parameter that the web function accepts is DataHandler type. I know that webservices should communicate with XML data to ensure that the call is language/platform independent, still is there a way to do what i am trying to do...It will be very helpful if you can point me in the right direction...Thanks a lot...

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