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Redisplay content of IFRAME

Guest The Big Dish Man

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Guest The Big Dish Man

HiI think this should be easy but I just can't think how to do it.I have a simple set of buttons in index.html which change the language of the ASP coded nav frame inside an IFRAME.I also need the same button click to cause the language to change in a second IFRAME simultaneously.As I see it there are two options:1. Within that nav frame's ASP code I want a piece of code that forces the redisplay of an ASP coded main frame in another IFRAME passing the language as a parameter on the lines of: Call redisplay mainframe.asp?Lang=<%=rsData("Lang")%>2. When I click the button in index.html I need to redisplay both IFRAMEs I presume it's not possible in HTML or derivatives so presumably I have to use Javascript. But my total knowledge of that you could write on a postage stamp.Help much appreciated please.Barry

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