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How to reload a web page?


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I don't know how reliable this is - I've haven't really tested it too much - but, according to this guy, you can do it:http://www.hunlock.com/blogs/Mastering_The...With_JavascriptIt's as simple as the difference between this:


and this:

<html><body onbeforeunload=""></body></html>

A couple simple tests that I just did here show that there is some promise to it.

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also note for the below example there are the 3 ways you can implement it in IE, only option 3 works in Firefox

(1)<body onbeforeunload='confirmExit();'>(2)document.body.onbeforeunload=confirmExit;(3)window.onbeforeunload=confirmExit;function confirmExit(){	return "You are about to leave this page. Are you sure?";}

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