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Lightbox distorted in IE


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G'day. I've been playing around with a portfolio of my own and wanted to implement the ever so popular Lightbox js plugin. I guess most people know how Lightbox looks and works, but it's nothing wrong with the function, it works like a charm. But when I (read: any IE user) click any of the links the image container gets distorted. The bottom container whichs contains the close button and any eventual caption stays to the left of the actual image container. The bigger / wider the picture is image is, the more it gets distorted to the right. I've tried it in Safari, Opera and Firefox and they all got it fine, but IE just screws it up like always.Oh, and might I add, I'm using the 2.04 version of Lightbox and have not changed anything in the .js or .css files.The SiteThe Site CSSLightbox CSSBuilder.jsEffects.jsLightbox.jsPrototype.jsScriptaculous.js*** UPDATE - It seems to be working now. Even though I haven't made any changes at all. If anyone happens to know why - please - do tell... :)***

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