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So host gator comes with a bunch of possible addons and one is Gallery which is a photo album addon for webpages or a stand alone album page. The problem Im having is getting it to embed in my page. The directions they gave are fairly confusing to me and left me lost. http://gallery.menalto.com/ <<< thats the main page for the app. http://codex.gallery2.org/Gallery2:How_to_...g_embedded_mode <<< This is there tutorial for embedding it into a website. It says it only has 3 things to edit and then it says to edit the html above or below the echo line which im not exactly sure what to edit since I dont know how its gonna look. I guess maybe one of the biggest things that confuses me is in this code

$g2_Config['path'] = dirname(__FILE__) . '/';$g2_Config['g2Uri'] = '/gallery2/';$g2_Config['embedUri'] = '/gallery2/gallery2embedded.php';

It says # path = Path to your gallery2 install# g2Uri = absolute URL path from document root to the Gallery 2 directory# embedUri = absolute URL path from document root + filename (and any query parameters, but NO path) for access point am I actually taking out the g2Uri and the embeduri or do I replace the part AFTER the = sign. And for the the config['path'] part if anyone knows how would I write that line? Any help is appreciated and merry christmas to all. I definately wouldnt ask for anyones help on christmas day since its defiantely a time to relax (even tho to me this is relaxing stuff lol) but the military is moving me on monday morning and I wanted to get the photo thing done for the family before I left.

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