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PHP runs first, and it's output runs at the browser. That's that.You can safely do

<script type="text/javascript">//do something</script><?phpinclude 'something.php';?>

in which case the server will first process "something.php", and finally the browser is going to receive the script, along with the output of "something.php". For example, if "something.php" contained

<?phpecho 'SOMETHING';?>

then the final output would be

<script type="text/javascript">//do something</script>SOMETHING

and THAT is what the browser will see.To answer your question - no, it won't cause any problems, as PHP and JavaScript have nothing to do with each other.

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It has nothing to do with PHP. When it gets to the browser, the PHP output is part of the document, just as if you had hard-coded it there. So if the scripts and functions are arranged in a way that calling them works, it works. If not, not. Same rules as a normal HTML file.What you're saying is the function call is printed above the included material. If it's called from the global space of a script (I mean, not in a function, so the call happens while the script loads), that will be a problem, because the included material hasn't arrived yet--not because it's included, but because it's below. If it's called from a function, like in response to a user action, then that would be after page load, and it should be fine.Did you try it? Are you having a problem? Just trying it should answer your question. If your Firefox error console says that the function doesn't exist, then it's probably the problem I mentioned.

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