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I edited this so if you saw a question i just edited it.If you have IIS on your microsoft computer you can get a url for it. You can post stuff on your own computer on the web, by putting it in a folder. But the only bad thing is that if your computer is off you wont have your website up.This is for vista:First you need to know is if your computer has IIS.1. control panel>>>programs>>>>turn features on or off (note: You will need to continue or type in your password)2. Now if you see Internet Information Services select that and click ok. Let it load.3. Now add html files to C:\inetpub\wwwroot(dont mess with any other files in inetpub!!!)4. If you want to see the site go to http://localhost/ or http://{your ip}/After you got your site up and running now go to no-ipregister and make a host for your ip url.Note: You need your ip (url) like i showed you up in #4.To find your ip go to control panel>>>network and internet>>>network and sharing center>>>view status >>>>details.Your computers ip address is IPv4 IP Address.

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