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Custom Object In Netscape


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hello guys here is code for custom object it works in ie just fine but in netscape the drop down menu from the form doesn't show instead it shows on the page next to the drop listso how i can sort out this bug in netscapehelp please<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"><HTML><HEAD> <TITLE>CIW Products</TITLE><script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!-- var content; var oneWindow; var fullWindow; var oneWindowStatus = false; var fullWindowStatus = false; function closeAllWindows() { if((oneWindowStatus) && (!oneWindow.closed)) oneWindow.close(); if((fullWindowStatus) && (!fullWindow.closed)) fullWindow.close(); oneWindowStatus = false; fullWindowStatus = false; } function productObject(id,item,description,price,image) { this.id = id; this.item = item; this.description = description; this.price = price; this.image = image; this.displayOne = displayOne; } //Add products here var products = new Array(); products[0] = new productObject("cp-01", "CIW Backpack", "Black woven backpack, blue-green lettering", "$25.00", "images/backpack.jpg"); products[1] = new productObject("cp-02", "CIW Hat", "Brown canvas hat, blue-green lettering", "$20.00", "images/hat.jpg"); products[2] = new productObject("cp-03", "CIW Suede Jacket", "Green suede, blue lettering", "$110.00", "images/suede.jpg"); products[3] = new productObject("cp-04", "CIW Rain Jacket", "Green rainproof, blue lettering", "$100.00", "images/rain.jpg"); products[4] = new productObject("cp-05", "CIW Polo Shirt", "White mesh polo, green lettering", "$30.00", "images/polo.jpg"); products[5] = new productObject("cp-06", "CIW Denim Shirt", "Dark blue denim, blue lettering", "$50.00", "images/denim.jpg"); products[6] = new productObject("cp-07", "CIW Sweatshirt", "Gray fleece pullover, green lettering", "$70.00", "images/sweat.jpg"); products[7] = new productObject("cp-08", "CIW Sport Shirt", "Blue, blue-green lettering", "$30.00", "images/sport.jpg"); products[8] = new productObject("cp-09", "CIW Sweater", "Blue scoop neck, short sleeve, green lettering", "$60.00", "images/sweater.jpg"); products[9] = new productObject("cp-10", "CIW Notebook", "Black leather, blue lettering", "$75.00", "images/notebook.jpg"); var len = products.length; function displayOne() { content=""; content+="<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>" + this.item + "</TITLE></HEAD>"; content+="<BODY><DIV ALIGN='center'>"; content+="<TABLE WIDTH='90%'><TR><TD COLSPAN='2' ALIGN='center'>"; content+="<H3>Item: " + this.item.bold() + "</H3><HR>"; content+="<TR><TD><B>ID:</B> " + this.id; content+="<TR><TD><B>Description:</B> " + this.description; content+="<TR><TD><B>Price:</B> " + this.price.bold().fontcolor("#0000FF"); content+="<TR><TD><IMG SRC= '" + this.image + "' HEIGHT='75' WIDTH='75'>"; content+="</TABLE><FORM>"; content+="<INPUT TYPE='button' VALUE='OK' onClick='window.close();'>"; content+="</FORM></DIV></BODY></HTML>"; oneWindow = open("","OneWindow","width=450,height=290"); newWindow(oneWindow); oneWindowStatus = true; } function findItem() { var i = 0; while (i < len && products.id != document.prodForm.idText.value.toLowerCase()) { i++; } if (i < len) { var message = ""; message += "ID:\t" + products.id; message += "\nItem:\t" + products.item; alert(message); } else { var message = "It appears you have entered a discontinued id.\n"; message += "Please try again."; alert(message); } } function showAll() { content=""; content+="<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>All CIW Products</TITLE></HEAD>"; content+="<BODY><DIV ALIGN=center>"; content+="<TABLE WIDTH='85%' BORDER CELLPADDING='2'>"; content+="<TR><TH COLSPAN='2' ALIGN='center'>"; content+="CIW Product Information"; content+="<TR><TH>Item<TH>Price"; for (var i = 0; i < len; i++) { content+="<TR><TD>"; content+="<A HREF='java script:void(window.opener.products[" + i + "].displayOne());'>"; content+=products.item + "</A>"; content+="<TD>" + products.price; } content+="</TABLE><FORM>"; content+="<INPUT TYPE='button' VALUE='OK' onClick='window.close();'>"; content+="</FORM></DIV></BODY></HTML>"; fullWindow = open("","AllWindow","width=450,height=395,resizable=1"); newWindow(fullWindow); fullWindowStatus = true; } function newWindow(x) { x.document.close(); x.document.open(); x.document.write(content); x.document.close(); x.moveTo(20,20); x.focus(); }//--></SCRIPT></HEAD><BODY onFocus="closeAllWindows();"><DIV ALIGN="center"><H2>CIW Products</H2><HR><FORM NAME="prodForm"><TABLE WIDTH="100%"><TR><TD WIDTH="50%" ALIGN="right"><SELECT NAME="itemName"><script LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!-- for (var i = 0; i < len; i++) { document.write("<OPTION>" + products.item); } //--></SCRIPT></SELECT><TD><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Get Info" onClick=" var i = document.prodForm.itemName.selectedIndex; products.displayOne();"><TR><TD ALIGN="right"><B>Search by product ID:</B> <INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE="5" NAME="idText"><TD><INPUT TYPE="button" value="Search" onClick="findItem();"><TR><TD colspan="2" ALIGN="center"> <TR><TD colspan="2" ALIGN="center"><INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Show All Products" onClick="showAll();"></TABLE></FORM></DIV></BODY></HTML>

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