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Need Help Integrating An Oekaki-like Applet


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Hi, I'm new to the W3Schools forums. Not sure if this is in the correct forum. An applet isn't PHP but the Oekaki forums I think is written in PHP. I have my own forum software that I wrote for my website and since it is an art site I was wondering if it's possible to get a hold of the Oekaki applet (or something similar, even if it's not as fancy) as a stand alone and integrate it into my own software. So far, I've only found the Oekaki software WITH a forum system already programmed. I just want to know how to get the Oekaki applet alone and somehow integrate it into my own forum. Has anyone out there done anything like this before that could guide me in the right direction? Is what I'm asking even possible?For those that don't know what Oekaki forums are they are forums that have an applet for drawing. It's sort of like Photoshop except simpler. Basically you paint artwork right on the website and the image is saved on the site and is shown with the forum post. So it's like a doodling forum.EDIT:if you happen to come across this through search engine and want the answer, i was able to integrate Shi-Painter's stand alone applet into my forum software. You'll find the english documentation for Shi-painter here:Shi-painter english documentation

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