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Namespace Problem


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Hi everybody,that's my first post here.i have a problem with the namespaces using xslt to transform an xml document.The xml document is:

<?xml-stylesheet href="dettagli.xsl" type="text/xsl"?><page>    <compositore>        <nome>Pink Floyd</nome>        <recensione>            bla bla bla        </recensione>    </compositore>    <items xmlns="urn:apis:Components">        <Item>            <Title>item1</Title>        </Item>        <Item>            <Title>item2</Title>        </Item>        <Item>            <Title>item3</Title>        </Item>    </items></page>

The xslt section that doesn't work is:

<div id="news">		<xsl:for-each select="/page/items/Item">		    <p><xsl:value-of select="Title"/></p>		</xsl:for-each>	</div>

I suppose that the xslt doesn't work because of the xmlns in the "items" node.Could you please suggest me how to fix that problem?Thank you.

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Declare a prefix in the XSLT with the same namespace URI, and then use that prefix in the XPath statements, wherever the element you want to select has the same namespace URI.i.e.

<xsl:stylesheet ... xmlns:api="urn:apis:Components" exclude-result-prefixes="api">...	<div id="news">		<xsl:for-each select="/page/api:items/api:Item">			<p><xsl:value-of select="api:Title"/></p>		</xsl:for-each>	</div>

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