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Charset Questions - Very Confused!


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I need help! So confused! I use notepad++ by the way.When I encode my PHP file in ANSI (Format>Encode in ANSI>Save) with the characters

¢ Â 的

it displays as

¢ Â 的 (with charset ISO-8859-1

When I change the PHP file's encoding to UTF-8 (Format>Encode in UTF-8>Save) it displays

 ¢ Â 的 (with charset ISO-8859-1)

But if I set the charset to utf-8 it displays correctly, regardless of file encodingSo what I would like to ask is, how come it displays differently with different file encodings but the SAME CHARSETs?EDIT: PLEASE REPLY WITH QUOTE TO LOOK AT ACTUAL OUTPUTS. CHARACTERS DOESN'T DISPLAY ACCURATELY IF YOU VIEW IT FROM THE BROWSER.

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Guest FirefoxRocks

The characters:

Is a byte-order mark. If you encode something in UTF-8, the charset should (must?) be set to UTF-8 as well.It is best to use UTF-8 or UTF-16 to encode your webpages to ensure compatibility, however this may not be the case because the BOM can disrupt PHP in certain cases.
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