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Javascript/css Menu Troubles


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EDIT Thanks anyway! After much fiddling, it seems as though position: absolute on the content div has done the trick! at least until i find something else that isn't working!hey folks, newbie to the boards but have been lurking the site off and on for awhile now...anyways, i've been trying to create a navigation menu and have encountered some trouble with the invisible divs pushing my site content aside. if anyone could offer some assistance, i would really appreciate it.here is a link to my most recent efforts: http://doobie.freehostia.com/ddmenu/css: http://doobie.freehostia.com/ddmenu/styles/style_index.cssnow, i've had the menu doing almost exactly what i want when applying a float: left and relative positioning to the content div. i can snug it right up there by the menu and it looks just dandy. however, when i tried adding more links to the sub-menus, i've found that it pushes the content div too far down the page, which can seemingly only be fixed by adjusting the positioning properties of the content once again.what i am really looking for to happen is for the menu to hover above the content and have no effect on the position of other elements on the page (mainly, what is contained in the 'content' div). i realize that the visibility: none property still allows the div to take up room in the document, but i THOUGHT that the z-index would fix that. i want to be able to add as many links to the drop-down as i can without it pushing the rest of the page further down the browser window. i really don't want to have to change the positioning of the content div every time i add to the menu.hopefully i've made this clear enough... thanks in advance. :)

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