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Need Help With Scripts For Developers

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Guest iowtheme

Hi AllI have setup a Clan Site with PHP-Fusion v7; I am looking for Game scoring system.Need Users logo inthem open a game form the list I’ve Ghost Recon, COD 4 or 5, CS 1.6,In The game field need to be Wins, Losses, Draws and how many Kill and Deaths, Medic Save, Team, Co-Op, Scrimage, War, Training, Boot Camp. http://www.2e0zak.co.uk/score.html go have a look at this, This what’s I am looking for if possible.The link is a step by step guide that I make for the clan I was with, I left to start my own Clan,Can any one help with this thank( PS all known very little about PHP any help is appreciated )

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