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Guest bambus

Hi!I found a websurvey in asp that I was hoping to add to my website.I found it on http://www.brainscanstudios.com/dev_projec...urvey/index.aspI have downloaded the files, and surveydisplay.asp seem to work great.But this is only the results of the survey. I think that survey.asp is the page to answer the survey questions in. But how can I get this page working.Under "Installation" on the webpage http://www.brainscanstudios.com/dev_projec...urvey/index.asphe writes "justcall the method (doSurvey(ID))". How can I do this? What code do I write? Where do I place this code that I add to the survey.asp-page?Hoping to solve my mistery soon :-)Greetings from Bambus!

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