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Hey, I just got a new job in my new state working for a media consulting company that specializes in digital TV applications development. One of my ongoing projects is to research EBIF as a standard and how to get it onto a machine so we can start learning it. Now I know this is website forum, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any good websites, similar in vein to the W3C and W3Schools where they would have an active community dedicated to development, standards, Q & A, etc like there is here? I have found the website www.oedn.net and was just wondering if anybody here was into any of this or knew of any resources? (note: the last post in their forum was 6 weeks ago...not exactly 'active', lol) It doesn't have to be just for EBIF, but anything related to the development of interactive TV applications. For example, right now I'm studying projects created with AVE, using ActiveVideo Scripting. Thanks in advance for any responses, suggestions, or help! :)

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