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Css Error On A Asp Master Page


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HiI have page, which consists of a master page and of course content pages. My master page has a sticky header, footer and navigation bar, which sits on the left. To scroll the content pages, the div tag on the master page uses a css attribute of overflow-x:scroll.However, I have noticed that on some of pages the bottom of my scroll bar, the down arrow, is hidden or missing under my footer, making it impossible to see the bottom of the page, and also my navigation bar on the left moves out of position by going up the page when the mouse rolls over it. This does not happen other pages, where the entire scroll bar is visible and navigation bar stays where it should be.I am not sure whether this is anything to do with some of div tags not having the correct size, or whether something else is going on.Can someone please advise me on this?Thanks <body><div id="fit"><div id="header">---header info goes here<div id="links">---links goes here</div><div id="timer">---clock goes here---</div></div><div id="content"><div id="menu">---menu goes here---</div>---content placeholder goes here---<div id="footer">---label goes here</div></div></body>CSS#body{width:100%;height:100%;top:0;right:0;left:0;bottom:0}#html{top:0;width:100%;overflow:hidden;}#header{top:0;width:100%;min-width:40em;position:relative;}#fit{ height:100%;}#footer{position:absolute;width:100%;min-width:10em;clear:both;}#content{overflow-y:scroll;overflow-x:hidden;height:100%;width:100%;}#menu{width:100%;height:100%;float:15%;position:relative;display:inline;}

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