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Getting Variables Via Url


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So in an attempt to make a simple URL call display some basic information, I seem to be having some trouble just getting this through. I tested all the commented out code to make sure it would display and I did get an email sent to me when using static values set within the script). Now I want it to be able to get name/value pairs supplied by the URL and then assign those name/value pairs to my variables within the PHP script. This will all be done manually, so this page itself doesn't need to do anything per se, except get name/value pairs passed to it from a URL and then mail out an email given the info in the URL.Right now I just want the script to display that its at least GETTING the info from the URL.here's the URL I'm testing, with a basic set of name/value pairshttp://flickr.kenzanmedia.com/index.php?UR...kenzanmedia.comand my PHP script

<html><body><?php	$URL = {$_GET['URL']};	$EmailAddress = {$_GET['EmailAddress']};	echo "URL: ";	echo "$URL";	echo "<br>";	echo "EmailAddress: ";	echo "$EmailAddress";	echo "<br>";	echo "<br>";/*	echo "Build The Args for the Mail Function";	  //To	  //$to = {$_POST['EmailAddress']};	$to = $EmailAddress;	echo "To: ";	echo "$to";	echo "<br>";	  //Subject	$subject = 'Flickr Authentication Request';	echo "Subject: ";	echo "$subject";	echo "<br>";	  //Create The Body	  $body = $URL;		  //"Your Authentication URL is: 		  //$URL \n";	echo "Body: ";	echo "$body";	echo "<br>";   	  //set the size of the body 	  //$body = wordwrap($body, 100);  	  //Send the Email 	  mail($to, $subject, $body);	echo "Message sent...?";	echo "<br">;*/	  //Thank You Message	  echo "Thanks";	?></body></html>

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