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5 Star Rating System?


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The only way I can think of making a rate system like this is with JS. And I have no clue where to start with it.Basically a song will be playing on a mp3 object and below it i want to show 5 stars.I'm guessing a onmousover event would be needed to change the stars colors depending on what star is mouseover.e.g.* = mouseover[*] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Rate - Only the first star would be "highlighted" I will probably work off two images of stars. One regular other high lighted[ ] [ ] [*] [ ] [ ] Rate - The first 3 stars would be "highlighted"Then I'm guessing an onclick to "select" the star and the stars would stay highlighted. Then I would click a rate button to submit.I know its a lot to ask for but me knowing only the basics of JS I need all the help I can get.Thanks.

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