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Guest 2-Dawgs

I just signed into the forum for the first time, and wanted to say, THANKS VERY MUCH for providing this great resource! I've actually been visiting the tutorial section pretty regularly for the last 4 months. I used to do web site development during the late 90's, then did other things for several years. After getting laid-off from my "day job" a few months ago, I've taken on a number of freelance web development gigs, and have been slowly building up a clientele.Not only was I very "rusty" (i.e., out of practice) getting back into it, but also a lot of things have changed in the html/xhtml/css/php/... world since I did this before. (I used to do strictly table-based layouts before - this css stuff has really been a paradigm shift!) But thanks to comprehensive information provided on this site, it has not been all that difficult to adjust to the new protocols and practices. I love the little demo pages - really helps to play with the code without having to deal with the usual overhead.I expect I'll be doing this for some time to come, so I plan to be around for a while. Thanks again!Kate

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