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Hi i need help to set coords for this imagei used the gimp plugin to take coords but are not fine.finestrabananeombra0.pngGimp get these coords

<area shape="rect" coords="40,15,243,35" href="#" alt="foto ecuador0" /><area shape="rect" coords="125,120,69,32" href="#" alt="bandiera ecuador" /><area shape="rect" coords="50,190,230,15" href="#" alt="foto ecuador" />

I have created a script with javascript and when you click on a picture coords it will show a box, every picture has an own text.for example if i click on first coords area it show a box with the text "hi", if i click on the second coords area ih show the text "goodbye" ecc..BUt these coords are not good, beacause if i click on flag of ecuador it show the box of another coords?!?!!?Why??I'm interested at the top three bananas pictures,the flag of Ecuador,and the text at bottom "Ecuador produzione di banane".

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