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Buttons In Smil Question

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Hi all,Hopefully you can help me out with this. I've had a look around, but can't seem to find an answer.What I'm trying to do is play a video file with subtitles (captions) underneath.Now I've got that all working nice and fine, my problem is I have no clue how to have 2 buttons (subtitles on / subtitles off) in the presentation which will toggle the subtitles as the button descriptions suggest.The way I've got it in my head is that if I click on the 'off' button the realtext simply becomes transparent, or black (so that it can't be seen) and the opposite happens (caption go to white on pressing the 'on' button), but for the life of me I can't figure it out.Could anyone help, or at least point me in the right direction?ThanksTheMightySpud

<smil xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/SMIL20/Language">	<head>		<meta name="title" content="Starhyke - SMIL Assignment"/>		<meta name="author" content="Paul Knott"/>		<meta name="copyright" content="December 2009"/>		<!-- Define Layout -->		<layout>			<root-layout background-color="black" width="700" height="420"/>			<region id="buttononregion" 	background-color="black" width="60" 	height="100" top="180" 	left="5"/>			<region id="buttonoffregion" 	background-color="black" width="60" 	height="100" top="220" 	left="5"/>			<region id="videoregion" 	background-color="black" width="640" 	height="360" top="0" 	left="60"/>			<region id="textregion" 	background-color="black" width="640" 	height="60"  top="360" 	left="220"/>		</layout>		<!-- Define Transitions -->		<transition id="toWhite" type="fade" subtype="fadeToColor" fadeColor="white"/>		<transition id="toWhite2" type="fade" subtype="fadeToColor" fadeColor="white" dur="2s"/>		<transition id="fromWhite" type="fade" subtype="fadeFromColor" fadeColor="white" dur="2s"/>		<transition id="fromblack" type="fade" subtype="fadeFromColor" fadeColor="black" dur="1s"/>	</head><body>	<par>		<!-- Buttons -->		<img src="images/on.jpg"  region="buttononregion"  begin="4s" dur="43s" transIn="fromblack" transOut="toWhite"/>		<img src="images/off.jpg" region="buttonoffregion" begin="4s" dur="43s" transIn="fromblack" transOut="toWhite"/>		<!-- Animation -->		<animation src="Animation/kt620564.swf" region="videoregion" dur="4s" fill="freeze" transOut="toWhite"/>		<!-- Video -->		<video src="video/kt620564.rv" begin="4s" dur="43s" region="videoregion" transIn="fromWhite" transOut="toWhite2"/>		<!-- Subtitles -->		<textstream src="Subs/kt620564.rt" begin="4s" dur="43s" region="textregion"/>	</par></body></smil>

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