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How Do I Make A Longer Url?


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Hi!I am running a datingsite and I have implement a Greetingcard system so members could send each other a greetingcard...very nice option.The only way to pass the vars (name and email) to the program is to put them in the url...this works very well...but for 2 seconds the compleet adres (with emailadress and name) is shown in the adressbar at the bottom of the screen ......( same bar where you see the url when you mouseover a link)This is not good because the emailadress of a member is private.I have tried about everything to remove it but with no luck...The only thing that can be done is to make the url sóóóó long that the emailadress and name are outsite the adressbarand therefor can't be seen.Is there a way to make this adress longer with ineffective characters?the url is: //mydomain/ecards/index.php?reply={$user.email}&from_name={$user.username}greetingsParis

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Use POST instead of GET. With GET you have to have the information on the URL, but with POST it submits the form without using the URL. Or if you want to hold that information longer than 2 pages, you could use a session to hold that data.

$_SESSION['greeting'][0] = $name;$_SESSION['greeting'][1] = $email;

When you are done with the session unset it. This clears the data.



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